As a kid, you never thought you would be writing an epic fantasy novel.

But it was an inspiration for a writer who turned his talents to television and film.

Now, as the Gandi series hits Netflix in 2019, he’s doing just that, playing a young man in a world where a group of dwarves are about to invade.

His name is Gandi and he’s an aspiring writer who has written his own version of the Lord of the Rings.

Gandi, who has been on Netflix for over a year, says he wants to tell a story that’s “unique, and that has something to do with the human condition”.

The book’s title, A Tale of Two Cities, describes a young Gandi’s journey through Middle Earth, and in it, he explores themes of human connection and belonging.

Gandus world has the “same feeling of being a place where we all are the same, and where all are born equal”.

This, he says, is what the book was created for.

“It’s not an allegory or a story of war, but it’s about our human experience, about the difference between being human and being a member of the human race,” he says.

The story begins with a group meeting in the desert, where they are being told about the coming of a great man who will lead a new civilization, called the One Ring.

Gandes race and the way they look are a result of his mother, who is a Dwarf, and the Dwarves that he grew up with, but his father was a human.

“My father was from an independent tribe called the Dámina,” Gandi says.

“I was born in a tribe, and we were all very close to each other.”

Gandi is a Dwarves first born.

His mother is a dwarf, and his father is a human, and both are considered members of the tribe.

The Dwarves have an idea that the one Ring will bring them together as one people, but this idea has to be kept secret.

Gand, as a Dwarf with no magic or knowledge of the land, believes that the only way to save himself and his people from annihilation would be to travel the land.

So Gand sets off with his family to find the ring.

He meets an old friend who has the same goal.

Together they journey to the Dwarf city of Urth, and a strange new creature known as the Silmaril appears in the sky, threatening to destroy the world.

Gand is given a ring, but in the meantime he has to learn the ways of the Dwarven people.

He learns to hunt, to build a boat, and to understand the culture of the Dwarf people.

“The Dwarves are very different from humans, but they have this very deep understanding of each other and they also have a very strong connection with their ancestors,” he said.

Gand’s travels lead him to find a village called Gondor, a city of Dwarves and Humans, and he begins to understand that the story of the One Rings is far from over.

“We’ve been doing this for so long that we’re like, ‘Well, there’s this one story that we have to tell,'” Gand said.

“But this one one story, it’s the story that tells us about the history of the world, and what it means to be human.”

The world’s first-ever Gandi movie, A King for All Seasons, was released in March, 2019.

In it, Gandi learns about the Dwarfs culture, and also how the Dwarf kings have to deal with the dangers of war and hunger, as well as the dangers the One Power poses to them.

Gand and his companions go on a journey to find and defeat the One Lord of War, but at the same time they also encounter the Silurian king, who was once a dwarf who became a great warrior.

“He was a very brave warrior, and I think that he had a lot of power in his heart,” Gand said of his time with King Tauriel.

Gand went on to find Taurial in a strange cave, and had a conversation with him, and later the two were married.

He was told that Tauria was the mother of the last king of the dwarf people, who died many years ago.

“And he is still alive,” Gand told me.

“So, he knows that we are all one family, and even though he is the last one, he is his mother and he is going to be a father to me, as is all Dwarves.”

Gand and Taur have a son named Gimli, who grows up in a different culture than Gand.

I wanted to make it about what is really important to me: the human experience,” Gand says.

Gand has been writing and producing the series for over three years now, and while his previous two books, The