Vice News is proud to announce the premiere of the blockbuster movie James Gerrory and the White Male Actor, which stars Catherine Walker as the lead role.

The film stars James Gercion, Catherine Walker, Josh Kramers, J.K. Simmons, Matt Cottrell, John Ruggles, and Michael Ziering as an ensemble of white male actors working in the entertainment industry.

The movie is a love story between the lead character and his white male co-star, played by Josh Krams.

It tells the story of a young white male actor who falls in love with a beautiful black girl.

Gergry, who is from Kansas, wrote the script and is the producer, along with J. K. Simmons.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have James Gernadio and Catherine to star in our movie, James Gert.

They are talented and talented people, but this is something completely different,” said Joe Lewis, President of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“James Gergrom is one of the most talented writers and directors I’ve worked with.

He is so talented, but he has also written some amazing movies.

Catherine Walker and Josh Krama have a lot of experience in writing and directing, so this is going to be their first big studio movie.”

The film opens in theaters on May 15, 2019.

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