In the final episode of The Voice, which airs Friday night on ABC, Kevin Dooley plays a Mexican-American actor.

It’s an unusual turn of events for a star of the popular singing franchise, and Dooley may not get any recognition for the role.

“I can’t say for sure, but I’ve seen it happen a few times,” Dooley said.

“You know, when you’re in the locker room, you have to make your case to the fans.”

Dooley is the first Hispanic to play an NFL player.

He’s not the first, but he’s certainly the most prominent.

A few months ago, ESPN named him one of the top 50 Latino actors.

But he’s not just the first Latino to star in a television series.

Dooley also happens to be the first Asian-American to play a football player.

Dolezal, who plays the lead role of the fictional character Aztec warrior Blythe, was born in New Mexico in 1962.

She grew up in the U.S. and is a U.K. citizen.

Dozinale said she’s seen the Asian-Americans playing the roles of sports stars.

“It just brings me great joy to see that Asian- American characters are able to play sports and have the same kind of success,” Dozinal said.

When asked about her dream career, Dozinals voice came to mind.

“My dream is to play someone that would be able to be like Blythis or Blython, because that’s how they live their lives,” she said.

Dozellas career as a sports star was made possible through her family.

She says her father is a professional football player, and she was raised with a passion for the sport.

“There was a big time in my life where I was just like, I just want to be good at something, because I have no idea what that’s all about,” Dozalez said.

And now that she’s an adult, she wants to pursue that goal.

Dozonas father also plays the role of Aztec Warrior, and in the last episode of the series, he and Aztec get into a scuffle that ends in their death.

But Aztec never leaves Aztec.

“Aztec has been with me since I was little,” she told the New York Times.

“And I think that was what made him so special.”

Dolezals father is also a professional wrestler.

He is the father of the current WWE Hall of Famer Dean Ambrose.

Dozinga said she plans to make an appearance in the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2020.

“When you see an athlete in a WWE ring, that’s when I think you really realize what the true meaning of greatness is,” Dolezas said.

She also said she loves to watch sports, and wants to become a commentator.

“If there is a match that you love, you’re gonna love watching that,” she joked.

“So that’s my goal.”

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