I am an actor!

Freddie, my favorite actor, I’m an entertainer!

But I’m not a black actor.

I’m a white actor, the most famous actor in the world.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in the ’40s and ’50s, when the city was still in the midst of the Great Migration.

And I grew in my faith.

I believe in God, but I’m also a Christian.

I am a Christian, but it’s not the only one.

It’s not even the most important.

Freddie is the most interesting character I’ve ever played.

I have been lucky enough to play many different roles, many different people.

I’ve played people that have been so wonderful to me.

They have been great characters.

And when you are an actor, you’ve got to make choices about how you’re going to approach these characters and situations and make them real to you.

Freddies race and his race, Freddies faith, Freddie’s ethnicity, his religion, that was the first thing that made me feel good about playing him.

And that was something I have not really felt since I’ve been in this profession.

I really think I am the best actor for Freddie Mercury, and I hope that people will accept that.

The most important thing is that people accept that he is the greatest person who ever lived, that he deserves to be remembered.

The only way to make that happen is to accept who he is.

So that’s the most challenging thing about Freddies character.

And he deserves that.

Because you’ve never really seen anyone quite like him.

The reason I love Freddie so much is that he had so much character.

His character was not just his ethnicity.

He was also a good person.

He cared about people.

He had compassion.

He really did care about others.

And it’s very hard for actors to do that.

Freddies character is the one thing that has kept me up at night.

And we’ve been lucky in the past and it’s just a part of Freddys character that I feel very strongly about.

I think Freddie was one of the most talented actors who ever walked the earth, and we’ve always been grateful for him.

But Freddia was very different from him.

His ethnicity and his faith made him a very different person from the rest of us.

He’s a very special person and I think that was one thing we’ve never seen from him that I think has really kept us up at nights.

That’s why he’s so much more than just Freddie Mercury.

He is Freddie Mercury’s most important friend, his most important brother.

And even though Freddie has had so many opportunities to play this character, he chose not to do it because he feels that he’s too sensitive and he feels it might be too much for him, and he doesn’t want to hurt his family.

And Freddie himself has told me he feels the same way about being Freddie Mercury that I do, and that’s why his character is so special to him.

I hope people accept who Freddie Mercury was, because I know that if I didn’t love Freddias character, I would have never had this character to play.

I feel that way because I have lived with him, I have seen him perform, and then when I see him perform again, it’s so amazing.

But I think people will be surprised at what they find out about Freddietas life.

I want to be a part the next time that we see him.

Freddy has been so gracious and kind to me, and to all of us here, in all the years I’ve known him.

He has been the most incredible, caring, kind, caring man I have ever met.

And because of the things he has done for me and the things I have done for him I have never wanted to go on this journey without him.

So I really do hope that it’s a different story for us all, but he was so generous with what he had to offer.

He loved the world and he loved his family and he made sure that I had my dreams and he helped me in all of the areas he wanted me to be successful.

But he didn’t let me do the things that I wanted to do.

He never made me work harder, he never made the people around me work more.

He made sure I got a good education, he made the family happy.

And, as I have always said, he was one who never complained.

And so I really hope that I can have an experience with him that will give me a different perspective on what it is that you have to do in life.

And if I can be there to help him in any way that he can, then I really will be a very happy person. But if not