Some black actors are tired of hearing about racism, and that is where the Black Actors Alliance (BAA) comes in.

They are a group of black actors who are fighting for black power, their voices, and the voices of other actors and the community at large.

The BAA’s founder, Jada Pinkett Smith, is a black woman of color who is also the founder and CEO of the Black Women’s Theatre Collective (BWTC), an organization that provides mentoring and workshops for black women actors and writers.

She is a writer, actress, and actor herself, but she also is a former prosecutor, and as a prosecutor she was the first black prosecutor in the United States to be charged with murder.

Smith and her co-founder, Jena McGregor, are both African American, and they want to change that.

“If you are white and you think you’re not a part of the problem, you’re wrong,” Smith said.

They were inspired by the way they heard about the Black Lives Matter movement from the likes of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and started organizing in their own communities.

Smith said she hopes the BAA can help the Black community change its collective minds, and she is hopeful that the community will be more receptive to their efforts.

“I’m hoping people will open up to the idea of black people, that we have been forgotten,” she said.

“We need to tell our stories, and we need to change how we are heard.”

And they’re ready to do it.

In the past few months, Smith has been arrested on numerous occasions, including for making false police reports, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

In April, she was released from jail after being charged with obstruction of justice for not being arrested for protesting during the funeral of Trayvon Martin.

She was also arrested for blocking a police officer in June and charged with trespassing.

“My community was supposed to be the last place to hold me accountable for my actions,” Smith told CNN.

“People are not going to listen to me anymore.

If you’re in my community, you need to go to jail.

You need to be arrested, because I’m not going anywhere.”

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This story has been updated to clarify that the BIA is the Black Action Theater, not the Black Arts Alliance.

The organization is a non-profit organization, not a business, and its members are paid to perform.

This article has been edited for length and clarity.