A day after Imran Khan’s ‘Gangnam Style’ movie was declared the best-reviewed movie in Indian cinema, a look at the actor’s life and career in the past decade, from a young age to the film’s final weeks.1.

Imran Khan: In 1998, he was a schoolboy, a star athlete and a boyish prince.

A year later, he became the first Pakistani to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, for his poem “Gang-nam Style”.2.

Imran: When his parents were killed in the 1984 Mumbai blasts, he lost his father and the only brother.

He returned to Pakistan to start a family, but his relationship with his father became strained.3.

Imran and his father: In 2003, he married his college-educated, Pakistani-American daughter, Javed.

Four years later, his marriage to a Pakistani-Indian woman, Rehana, broke down.

His mother was also killed.4.

Imran’s wife: Javed Khan.

She died aged 27.5.

Imran married his cousin: Nawaz Sharif, a powerful politician from Pakistan’s Punjab state.

They had two children, Zahid and Zahara.

He later divorced her.6.

Imran in his family: Aunts, uncles and aunts-in-law.

He has four brothers.7.

Imran became a writer: His first book, ‘Gramaliputra’, was published in 2004.8.

Actors in the family: His brother-in, father-in law, and mother-in aunts and uncles were all actors in their early twenties.9.

Imran as a young boy: He became a fan of English literature at a young time, after watching the first English-language film, ‘Mister Brown’s War’, directed by John Huston.10.

Imran, Nawaz and Zahid Khan: The two brothers were best friends for a decade.

In 2005, they began filming ‘Dhoom’, a drama about the life of Muhammad Ali.

Nawaz became the lead actor and actor in the film.

His brother also played the role.11.

Javed: After Nawaz’s death in 2009, the elder Khan took over the production of the film ‘Golgotha’, starring Zahid, and the two brothers went on to make it a huge hit.12.

Jhedan Khan: Jhed, his wife, and their two children became regular visitors to India.

They lived in a five-star hotel in Ahmedabad for nearly two years.13.

Jave, Nawaf and Zahida Khan: They became regular guests at the hotel and became a big fan of ‘Dishonoured’.14.

Jana Gopalan: The elder Khan had a huge influence on Javed and Zahyd’s careers.

He made them a part of the ‘Golkama’ team, which was then formed by the two.15.

Jhaan Khan’s daughter: In 2009, Jhaani was awarded a Padma Bhushan by the Delhi government.16.

Jaleesa Khan: A successful actor, she is a regular on TV shows and films, and has starred in several Hindi films.17.

Jahan Khan’s wife and children: Jahan and his wife Javed were married in 2003.

Jajan, the youngest son, is a writer and actor.18.

Jai Singh: Jai is a famous actor who was born in the village of Jammu.

He is also known for his roles in films like ‘Gogand and Maggi’ and ‘Hemla’.19.

Jafar Khan: Born in Lahore, Jafara Khan was a well-known cricket player and had a role in the 2006 Indian Premier League (IPL).20.

Jaspal Khan: An award-winning actor, Jaspali Khan starred in films such as ‘Rishabharam’, ‘Nirbhaya’ and the 2007 Indian Premier Cup.21.

Jadakiss Khan: His wife, Jhane, also appeared in several films.

Jadhav Khan, a former member of the Indian cricket team, has also acted in several movies.22.

Jhansi Khan: Another film star, Jhwani Khan played a part in the 2008 Indian Premier Cricket League (IPSL) season.23.

Khan’s son, Jadu: Jadhu was a cricket star in his home state of Punjab.

He had a big role in ‘The Lion King’, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and many other movies.24.

Khan as a child: Khan was an avid football fan, as he played for the Punjab Youth Cricket Team (PYC) in his early childhood.25.

Jakhun Khan: He played the character of an Indian