Redheads are an increasingly prominent part of the mainstream media.

And, the actress who was one of them is now the most popular on social media, despite her very public and very public face.

Redhead actress Amber Rose was recently the subject of a BuzzFeed article, in which she described the difficulties she faced growing up.

It was in this article that she explained how she has been a very popular actress because of her redhead look.

She says, “I have a lot of friends and family who I think of as redheads.

They’ve always been like, ‘Oh my God, she’s red, she should look like that.'””

I had a really big family of redheads growing up, and my family had a lot to say about it.

My dad was very proud of me, but they had no idea that I was really a redhead.

It didn’t seem to bother me at all.””

I didn’t feel like I was weird, like I didn’t fit in with what was expected of a red head.

I didn, like, look like an average redhead,” she continues.

Rose says she didn’t have any friends who had red hair, and she never really wanted to.

She had no one to talk to, she says, and her parents wouldn’t talk to her.

Rose’s family moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s, and Amber says she never looked like the typical redhead: “I never fit in.”

In the mid 2000s, Amber had her first child, and while Amber says the experience made her realize she wasn’t really like the rest of her family, she also realized that she was still a bit of an anomaly.

“The one thing that made me feel like a redheaded girl was that my hair was red.

I’m not sure why.

I guess it’s a really weird thing, and it’s kind of the reason I never really liked it,” she says.”

I never had any friends that had redheads and I didn to be the norm, I just didn’t.

I just always wanted to fit in.

And then the other thing was that I’m kind of a tomboy.

I love being a tomboys, so it was kind of cool that my parents would always say, ‘You’re so girly.

It’s like a tomb boy, right?'”

Rose says that she feels like she has always been redheaded, but that she’s never had a normal upbringing.

She says that when she was younger, her parents would talk about how they liked to dress her up, but Amber says that they never actually wore any clothes to school, and instead used to go on shopping sprees with her.

She tells BuzzFeed News, “They would say, I’ll buy you a shirt, I’ve got these little dresses for you.

But it’s just like, no.

I’ve always had a real sense of, ‘Well, I’m just not a tomb girl.'”

The redhead’s parents, who are both black, say that their daughter has always had her own identity, but their identity was never a part of Amber’s.

“They are very sensitive people, they always have to remind me of my identity and my skin tone and how much I’ve grown, and they never let me go and do what I want.

It never occurred to them that I might be a red-headed girl, or that I’d be a tomb baby, or something,” Amber says.

But the story of Amber Rose’s mother doesn’t end there.

Amber’s mother says that her daughter’s parents have told her that Amber’s name has become a symbol for the black community, and that she has experienced racism as a result of her mother’s name.

“It’s just not fair,” Amber’s mom tells BuzzFeed.

“The thing that bothers me the most about it is that it’s not just an accident.

It seems to be a pattern.

And that’s something that I’ve been saying for so long.””

She’s been bullied, harassed, called names, and I think she just wants to be able to say, and get some justice for herself.

It feels like, she wants to do something about it,” Amber explains.

In an interview with CNN, Amber says her mother told her she should change her name, and says she has seen other black actors try to do so.

“I was like, what?

I don’t know how that’s supposed to work.

I was just really, really upset, and then she was like I don,t know, this is the first time I’ve ever heard that I have a name that people can’t stand, that they don’t like,” Amber said.”

That is a very common thing in Hollywood, so I thought that I should just try to be like, I have to be myself.

Because people can say, it’s my name, you’re not supposed to