David Warfield, who won the best supporting actor prize in the British film industry in 2016 for his role in Stranger Things, has won the prestigious Best Supporting Actor award at the 2016 British Film Awards.

Warfield, 47, is the latest star to be nominated for the prestigious award.

The actor is nominated for his performance in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, as well as playing a character in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

The film won the Best Film Editing and Visual Effects category at the awards, while the film’s director, David Fincher, won the Film Editing award.

“The Wolf of Wallace was the first time that a film had won the prize for film editing and visual effects,” said BBC Radio 5 Live’s Stephen Nolan.

“The Wolf Of Steel, which I did with my wife, is a huge film, and I think David is doing a good job.

It’s the first film to win the award.

I’m very proud of him.”

He added that the award was a “huge privilege” for him to win.

Warner won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for his portrayal of James Bond in Casino Royale in 2014.

The film won three awards at the ceremony: best film editing, best director and best supporting actress.

The Wolf’s character, Frank Sullivan, was killed in the series finale of the series last year.

The award is the highest honour for a British film actor.

It comes as the British Film Industry awards are a time for awards to be presented to new film releases.

The ceremony is held every year in the UK.

The best actor and best actress awards were presented by British Film Institute’s chief executive officer, David Simmonds.

The winners of the Best Picture and Best Director awards were announced at the end of last year, and the two best actor awards were given in December.

Warfords win means he will become the highest paid actor to win a BFI award.

In a statement, BBC News said the film was “an extraordinary achievement”.

“We are delighted that David Warfords has won this award, which was given in recognition of his outstanding performance in a leading role in the second installment of Netflix’s hit Stranger Things.”

We look forward to welcoming him to the BFI Film Festival, where he will be honoured with a BAFTA Rising Star award for outstanding contribution to the UK film production industry.

“This award is a recognition of a career that has taken him to international audiences, including the Golden Globes, Emmy nominations and the BAFTA awards.”

Warfows performance in Stranger things won him the Best Supporting actor prize.

The award is handed out every year at the BFA.

Warford, whose real name is David Warner, is best known for his roles in the Harry Potter series and the X-Men franchise.