A guy who plays a fictional version of Kevin Durant has his own Twitter account and his own website, but that’s not all.

He’s also an actor who’s also making money on the side.

That’s not just a matter of him making money, though.

His website features several of his movies and videos, and he recently got some help on the production of his first feature film.

It’s called A Boy Named Kody.

“It was a real life thing that I was trying to get my first feature made,” Kody told The Daily Beast.

“I was looking for someone to work with, so I started looking around and seeing actors I could work with.

I found a guy named Kevin Durant, and then I found him and he was like, ‘Hey man, I’m looking to make a movie.'”

So, I pitched him the script and he’s like, I want you to do this.

So I pitched Kevin Durant and he loved it.

He was like I’m going to get the money to make it.

So he pitched me another guy to do it, and I pitched another one.

He pitched me a third one, and so he pitched another guy and I got him a fourth one.

And then I pitched them all.

So, I made the first movie and then he pitched two of the other ones, and that’s how I made a movie.

I think the most amazing part about that is he’s made more money than me.

“Kevin Durant is the star of a TV show, the former MVP of the NBA, and the reigning NBA Finals MVP.

In the years since then, he’s amassed a reputation as a star and a moneymaker, and now he’s set his sights on a second career in the entertainment industry.

A Boy Called Kody is the first film he’s making with that goal in mind.

But he’s not content just to work in the business of being a movie star.

He wants to make movies that actually make money, and one of the biggest factors in his career as a filmmaker has been his love of the craft.”

It is something that you learn how to do and you want to learn how do it. “

Film is like a craft.

It is something that you learn how to do and you want to learn how do it.

Film is the craft of making things that you want, that you think are cool.

And I think film is really important because it brings out emotions.

And that’s the reason why you make movies, because that’s what’s interesting.

You make movies because you like the craft and you love it, but then you also like the emotion.

That’s what makes the movies cool.

It’s also how he made his first movie, which he has since renamed “Kody.””

When I first started making movies, I would just put everything on the internet and put it on YouTube and people would say, ‘What is this movie about?’

So, that’s when I started making films. “

And then the people would be like, That’s a great story, but how is it going to be a movie?

So, that’s when I started making films.

I wanted to make the movie that people would want to see.

And it was really a dream come true.”

As for his next film, he said he’s still on track to make at least one more feature film a year.