The best part of the NHL’s season?

The players donning their favorite hats and hats and more hats.

But sometimes you’re just looking for a little bit of extra flair, and you can find it in the NHL.

Here are some tips on when to expect to see the players wearing their own hats.1.

The players can’t be in the same room together for long.

If you’re watching the game with the same person, they’ll always be wearing their hat.

But if the other player is in the dressing room, you should be able to see their hat from the other end of the rink.2.

They don’t always wear hats.

Sometimes, the players don’t have to wear hats for the game.

The coach, general manager or other team personnel might have a different look for the players to suit their needs.3.

They wear hats during practice or in games.

The hats will probably be on display on the ice during the practice period, or at the end of a game or when the players are in a room together.4.

If you’re not sure who’s wearing the hat, ask.

If they have the same hat, it’s a good sign that it’s their.

If it’s not, it could be a sign they’re not wearing their headgear.5.

Sometimes the players will wear a mask.

Sometimes the players wear a helmet, but the mask is usually not part of their costume.

If the players’ masks are the same size as their head gear, it might be a good idea to ask about it.6.

Sometimes, players wear hats but they don’t wear masks.

If there are multiple players wearing the same helmet, the hat might be the one that they’re wearing.7.

They’re not dressed in the uniform.

Sometimes a player will wear the hat and mask at the same time.

It could be the team’s logo or they’re just trying to make a statement or something.8.

They sometimes wear a special hat for special events.

If they’re hosting an event, they may wear the hats and mask to the arena, the arena’s locker room, the team meeting, etc.

If the players do wear hats, you can sometimes spot the hat from a distance.

The players will usually wear their hats at practice and games and at home games, but they might not wear them during games if they’re in the locker room.

The hat may not be visible on the players or in the arena.