If you are looking for the perfect Aang voice, here are the steps you should take.

As the first voice of the Avatar, David Lee Anders is the most recognizable of the five voice actors of the series.

He was born on May 14, 1980, in New Zealand and has been the voice of Aang since the series’ first episode in 2003.

The show has a huge following worldwide and he is the second-highest-paid actor behind George Takei, who makes $20 million a year.

His best known roles include playing Mai in the animated series, the lead in the 2012 Disney film Beauty and the Beast, and the titular villain in the upcoming film.

He has been on several television shows, including The Simpsons, Hawaii Five-0, and Family Guy, and is currently starring on the animated Disney Channel series, Tangled.

In an interview with People magazine in 2007, Anders said he was the one voice that always stood out when he auditioned for roles.

He also described his acting process as the “one constant” when it comes to becoming a successful voice actor.

When I first came up with my own voice, it was just a big, weird thing, Anders explained.

I went into the audition room and thought, “Oh, this is really cool.”

It’s a very organic thing.

I was just like, “You know, it’s not like I’m auditioning for a job or anything, I just want to make my voice really distinctive.”

That first audition was when I first started playing the character.

I just had to get it.

I was very conscious of being really confident and I had to be very patient.

I’d been in a few films before that were really well-received and that were good enough to do a show.

I had a good sense of who I wanted to be and I knew what I wanted.

That first audition went well, and then I just kept going until I had my voice, so that was my audition.

When I finally got the audition, I was like, Oh my God, I’m so happy.

I don’t even know how to begin to describe it.

When you audition for a role, you want to be prepared, because it’s the audition that will determine whether or not the character you are playing is successful or not.

You can’t just say, “I’m going to be this person for five minutes.”

You have to have an idea of what your character’s story is and you have to understand your character, and if they don’t understand your story, then they’re going to hate you.

So that’s what I do.

I read a lot.

I watch a lot of TV.

I try to watch as many films as I can, but that’s just how I am.

The reason I do it is to get that voice, the voice I’m comfortable with, that voice I think will fit my character.

In terms of his voice, Anders has been credited for more than 100 movies and television shows.

His most recent film role is in the movie The Imitation Game, starring Brad Pitt, in which he plays a detective who is the victim of a robbery.

He’s also known for his work in the live-action feature film, The Last Airbender, where he played the role of the title character.

In the animated film, he played a bear and was voiced by the same actor, Josh Hutcherson.

The Last Airbenders release in 2017 was one of the highest-grossing films of all time.

The film, which grossed over $300 million at the box office, is considered the best-selling film of all-time.