A few months ago, when Guardians of a Galaxy was announced as the sequel to the Guardians of The Galaxy movie, it was met with a lot of skepticism, with some wondering whether it would ever be made.

But the studio has now confirmed that it is indeed going to be making the sequel, and it’s looking to be a massive hit.

According to director James Gunn, he’s not only planning to create an entire movie trilogy with his first solo film, but also a sequel to his next project, The Guardians of Peace.

And he’s taking this opportunity to unveil a few other details about the movie, including the identity of its protagonist, Drax the Destroyer.

You may not know it yet, but we already know that Drax is the main villain of the Guardians movie.

According to a statement Gunn shared via Instagram, the villain is a green goblin who stole the Cosmic Cube from the Guardians and stole the energy of the galaxy from the universe itself.

As such, he has enslaved the galaxy and intends to use it for his own purposes.

And as he plans to use the universe as a laboratory, he plans on taking the energy that’s left behind to turn it into power for himself.

According the statement, the main antagonist of the sequel is Drax, a goblin-like creature who was created by Thanos to destroy the Guardians.

He was a member of the Infinity Gauntlet, the ring that was the final piece of the ring used by the Guardians to seal the Infinity Stones.

It’s unclear how Drax came into possession of the Cosmic Crystals, but Gunn says it was probably from Thanos, who was responsible for creating them.

And as for Drax himself, he is described as being a green-skinned humanoid with a long beard, and is portrayed by Adam Warlock in the Guardians films.

It will be interesting to see if Drax ends up being the primary villain in the sequel.

The next major story to come out of Guardians of Ape and the Guardians is Thanos’ return.

And according to Gunn, the upcoming movie is not only about Thanos and his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s also about a new villain.

Gunn shared some new details on the villain he’s going to introduce in the movie.

He said that he’s working on a story where Thanos is a villain that has been hiding for a long time, and the villain who will be revealed in the next film will be one that has a lot in common with Thanos.

According an interview Gunn did with MTV News, the new villain is going to look a lot like Thanos from the first film.

So what exactly is this new villain?

Gunn revealed that he has been using the Cosmic Gem to steal the power of the universe for his goals, and that he is now trying to turn that power into something he will use for his plans.

He said that the new threat is a new enemy that’s called “The Master,” who was originally created by the Ancient One.

He’s also described as a being that is very powerful, and he’s planning on taking advantage of the vacuum left by the Cosmic Crystal to bring the Guardians into his realm.

He’s also revealed that the next villain he is going after is called “Omnitron,” who is an evil being that has gained power from the Cosmic Gems and has been working against the Guardians for a very long time.

According Gunn, it’s a lot more than just Thanos that we are going to see in the coming movie.

It includes a number of different characters, some of which we know are going back to the first movie in some way, and some new ones, as well.

So, it could be that there will be a lot to see.

We will bring you more details as they become available.