r2D4 is coming back with more bang!

Today we’re celebrating the new cast member of the game, John Callahan.

John Callahan is a stand-up comedian, actor, and actor/comedian, who has appeared on numerous television shows, including The Office and The Simpsons.

You might know him from such shows as The Big Bang Theory, The Office, and The Walking Dead.

John is also a prolific writer of comedy and video game music.

Check out his new book, The Big Fat Diabetic, out now!

Here are some highlights from his appearance on the r/All subreddit:He’s also on the show, and in the video for “You’re So Good” by Red Velvet, which we reviewed here, you can hear him explain how his dad got him into comedy.

He’s also an avid listener, as he is a fan of the NPR podcast This American Life.

You can also check out the podcast, if you haven’t already.

John’s website can be found here: https://johncallahan.com/ The show, which airs every Monday, is available for download on iTunes and Stitcher.