The ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ host was not shy about his feelings about President Donald Trump during a conversation with the podcast’s resident expert, actor, actor and director, Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy had been critical of Trump in the wake of the President’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, and in response Colbert told him that it would have been nice to hear the former President’s side of the story.

“He has not said much to us,” McCarthy told Colbert.

“It was very interesting, because I’m not a fan of him, and I’m kind of a big Trump fan, but it’s kind of cool to hear him talk.

And I think he’s been pretty honest with his side of it, and that’s been very interesting to hear.

And he’s definitely a great guy.”

The host went on to say that Colbert is “a great man,” but that it was nice to listen to someone who has been “a real part of this country’s life.”

“He’s just an amazing person,” Colbert said.

“I’ve had the privilege of hearing him talk, and he’s just such a great host.

And so, I think it’s a good thing.

And hopefully it’s going to continue.”

The podcast has been a big part of Colbert’s career, as he has been critical in the past of President Trump and other prominent figures.

He has often appeared on the show, hosted the ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ podcast, and even served as a guest host for ‘The Daily Show’ in 2016.

Colbert also hosted ‘The Nightly Show’ with Jon Stewart and ‘The Stephen Colbert Show’ alongside host Stephen Miller, who hosted on ‘The View’ for more than a decade.

Colbert is currently on a two-month-long vacation with his family, but he has recently started taking time off to visit his son, his wife, his brother and his niece, as well as take part in a few charity events.

He is currently taking part in an effort to help the Children’s Defense Fund, and his daughter, Jessica, recently joined the ‘Late Show’ cast as a regular.