Hollywood is the most politically correct place in the world.

Yet, one man has managed to make it seem like the United States is actually more politically correct than any other place in all of the Western Hemisphere.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Anthony Gonzalez was asked whether he felt America is as politically correct as other Western countries.

“I think it’s absolutely true,” he replied.

“If you look at all the countries that are not at the same level as the United Kingdom, for example, they have a very similar level of political correctness, and it’s very, very difficult to be politically correct.

And that’s what’s wrong in the United State, it’s the same thing that’s wrong, and that’s why I think the United Sates is so politically correct.”

Gonzalez went on to say that “I feel it’s a bit hypocritical” for Hollywood to criticize him for his political views.

“The reason that they are doing it is because of a political environment that they created in the past,” he said.

“They didn’t invent it, it just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

I think it really is hypocritical, and I don’t think it should be tolerated.”

Greenspan’s policies have been criticized in the press for being too strict on the government, and for causing a climate of fear and paranoia in America.

However, when it comes to his actions, it seems that Gonzalez feels that he has been treated as a pariah by the American government.

In the interview, Gonzalez revealed that he was approached by Homeland Security officials who wanted him to participate in the planned “Day of Retribution” protests.

“We had to agree to do this,” he told the AP.

“And I had a little problem with it because I thought that it would be a little bit more difficult than they were telling me it was.”

However, the DHS did not allow Gonzalez to attend the planned protests.

The incident was reported to Homeland Security, but Gonzalez was not asked to leave the United Nations building in New York.

He was eventually allowed to leave, and he was later invited to participate as an official in the demonstration.

The government was not pleased with the way Gonzalez had been treated by the media.

“When you are not allowed to go into certain areas and speak about certain things, it creates a lot of problems,” said the DHS official.

“So I would hope that the people who are doing these protests will realize that this is a big deal, and there’s a reason why they’re doing it.”