When we meet him in Season 7, he’s already a dad to his three daughters, and they’re ready to take the next step.

He’s also working to ensure that his two eldest children, Chloe and Riley, will graduate high school.

“I’m working really hard to make sure they get their degree,” Evans says.

“It’s a real struggle to find places for them, but we have a lot of resources and support.

I think the biggest thing that makes the show special is that I’m not alone.” “

We’ve got a whole system in place, so we have an entire network of friends and family to make that happen.

I think the biggest thing that makes the show special is that I’m not alone.”

His daughter, Chloe, and her twin sister Riley are the first two of three children of actress Mike and Kristen Schaal, who both grew up in New York City.

They’re all thrilled to be in the show, as is his son-in-law, actor Mikey Day.

“As parents we’ve been talking about that we’re not just going to be there for them but also we want to help them grow and help them be successful in life,” Day says.

They all laugh at the idea that the show would have ended so differently had the showrunners not chosen to include Evans and his daughters.

“That’s the most exciting part for me, that they were on the island and not in the hospital,” Day adds.

“You see, it’s all about the kids, so you never know who is going to come through and who isn’t going to.”

He’s looking forward to being a part of this reunion.

“My dad was very much a part-time dad, he would come and work at the diner and cook meals for us, but it was always the kids,” Day recalls.

“So he was always around us and we always took care of him.”

As for what the kids will be doing on the trip, Day says that he hopes to see Riley, a sophomore at a prestigious private school, and Chloe, a junior, at a fancy summer school in the Bahamas.

“They’re all excited to go and see their friends and their families,” Day laughs.

“And they’ll be really excited to come back to New York.”

But the real thrill comes with the final episode.

“There’s a moment in the last season where I’m walking back to the house and my daughter is sitting on my lap and I look up and see the words, ‘Mike Evans on The Simpsons,'” Day says, referring to the hit animated sitcom.

“What an amazing thing that’s going to happen.”

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