I was a little disappointed to see that my friend wasnt able to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the new group members on “MBC.”

My friend was on the phone with a Korean fan who she had just met and she was looking forward to meeting the members of the new Korean group.

However, as she was talking to the fan, the fan turned to me and said, “You can’t meet them, theyre all foreigners!”

I was surprised, so I decided to take a quick photo of her and ask the fans to sign her a photo.

However… my luck did not turn out to be that great.

The fans who signed me were Korean, but they had to be really special and had to take their time to sign me.

I was just so excited to meet this girl group!

The girl group has since released a new song called “MAMA,” which is one of the first Korean songs released by SBS.

So, I’m really excited about meeting the new members of “Mama,” and I’m happy to have signed their new song.

However …

I wasnt really expecting the response I got!

So, as I was taking a photo of my new fan, a guy with a big red beard yelled at me, “Get a f*** off!

You’re an idiot!

It’s a joke!”

He continued to taunt me until I turned around to face him.

“I’m sorry!

I’m sorry,” I replied.

He then yelled, “But you’re not Korean, are you?

Do you know Korean?”

I replied, “No, I don’t know Korean at all.

I just heard of them online, and I thought they were going to be the girl group for my new friend.

But theyre not, and shes not!”

Then, the guy got angry and yelled, “…but you’re Korean, right?”

I said, “…

I dont know Korean.

And the girl groups, they’re not really Korean either.

What’s up with that?”

“But, you’re so nice!”

I responded.

The guy replied, “…you’re really nice.”

Then he started to shout, “Do you know the Korean word ‘koreaboo?'”

“Oh, sorry.

It’s called ‘f***.'”

“And you know how the girls always say, ‘I’m so nice’?

Do you remember the girl’s who did that?

Oh, right.

I remember that one girl.

She was so cute, and you know, she was from Korea.

But, I think that girl has died now.”

I replied to him, “Then why would you come to me for help?”

“Because you’re the girl from Korea!

I don,t want to get into trouble for you!”

“And the girl who made that comment, is the girl you are now!”

The guy yelled, with anger in his voice, “It was just a joke!

I didnt think you were Korean!”

“Ive never met a girl like that!

You should have listened to me when I was talking with her!”

I replied with a smile.

“And she is a real Korean girl.

I know that.

She’s a real celebrity, she’s a really famous girl.

And, Ive heard that she has done a lot of modeling for Korean brands, and that she is famous for her beauty.”

“So, you know what?

I’ll do it!”

He replied, with a happy smile.

He walked away, and we continued to talk about everything related to the group.

I thought to myself, I have never met such a cute girl, and the guy has made it clear that he wants to meet her!

So I went back to my phone and posted the photo on Instagram, hoping to get a response.

But I never received any reply.

The girl who I thought was my best friend got in touch with me, and it turned out that she was actually an actress and a singer.

“Hello, this is Kim Ji-un!

My name is Kim Joo-ki, I am the youngest member of “Korea’s Girls Group.”

I hope you like my picture!

I was actually a little upset when I found out that my photo had been shared online, but luckily, the other members of my group saw my photo and were able to help me.

My mom also had to help out because she has to work so much at the moment.

But hey, I will always be a fan!

Thank you for taking the time to meet me!”

And then she wrote back, “I hope to meet you again sometime in the near future!

Hope to see you at some big event!”

So, thanks to everyone who reached out to me.

You guys are so kind.

Now, I hope everyone can see that I am not a fan of this new girl girl group, and to know that I have made it to their new group.