When David Griffith got married to his high school sweetheart, a woman he met in high school, he immediately knew he had to make the most of his newlywed status.

Griffin, who plays the “C-list” comedian on “The Office,” spent decades as an entertainer, but he was born to make money.

And he did it.

The son of an Army veteran and an accountant, he spent the early years of his life in the Los Angeles suburb of Highland Park, in a neighborhood where people would dress up in costumes, play music and make out in front of a fire hydrant.

When he was 12, he went to a local private school and attended the same high school that Griffith attended.

“I would see my friends playing football and baseball and I would think, I want to do that,” Griffith said.

But he didn’t know how to play football.

“I remember being on the bus and I’m thinking, What am I supposed to do?

I don’t have any talent.

So I just sort of ignored it and tried to stay out of it,” Griffith recalled.

He didn’t get into much else until he was 15, when he started working at the L.A. Dodgers.

Griffith became an All-Star catcher in 1980 and played in the 1980s for the Dodgers and the Padres.

He was also a frequent guest at the Dodgers’ spring training camp.

Griffith’s career was on the upswing, but after his stint in the Dodgers, he was fired by the San Francisco Giants for a series of infractions, including failing to pay rent on his home.

He spent two years with the Cleveland Indians, one as a broadcaster, and one as the team’s general manager, where he was in charge of building the team in the late ’80s.

He worked with the Dodgers from 1997 to 2001, where his first major-league job came in 2000, before the team moved to Los Angeles.

He played for the team for five seasons, from 2004 to 2007, before landing a job with the Chicago Cubs, where, at the age of 32, he had the opportunity to become a free agent.

He took a pay cut to sign with the Cubs and, after four seasons, he retired.

Griffith made $8.7 million in his final season with the team.

“It was really, really cool,” he said of the Cubs.

“For a guy like me, I had all the money in the world.

I had everything, except I was not a professional athlete.

I was a guy who had a very low level of success in baseball, and I thought, I need to find a different way to go into baseball and be successful.”

The Cubs offered him a $100 million contract in 2014, and he accepted, signing a five-year, $100-million contract with the Yankees that summer.

He became a star in the Bronx, helping lead the team to a World Series title in 2016, before being traded to the Cubs last July.

He had a career year with the Giants in 2017, hitting .321 with a .749 OPS, helping the Giants clinch the NL East title.

He has been the face of the team since he was hired as the GM in 2018, and the team won a World Championship.

He helped build the team, including hiring a new general manager who also happens to be a longtime baseball fan.

“My job with this organization is to do whatever I can to help bring in the best talent,” manager Joe Maddon said.

“My job is to put our best players in position to be successful.

We’ll do that, and that includes David.

I think that’s the most important thing.”

In the wake of the trade, Griffith, who is from Highland Park and grew up in the same neighborhood, was not surprised to hear about the trade.

“That was just part of the deal, right?

They were the ones who brought him here, right?” he said.

Griffs family moved to New York City when he was a kid, and after spending a few years in the suburbs, he returned to the city in 2012, after he finished his playing career with the Royals.

“When you have a family that’s in New York, that’s a lot of money, right, right away,” he added.

He now works as a freelance writer for The Associated Press, and said he feels blessed to be able to help so many people in his community.

He is a big supporter of local charities, including the Los Altos Community Foundation, which provides financial assistance to the homeless in the LAC.

He also works with the LASD, which helps provide safety and services to children in the Highland Park area.

“We do a lot with our children, so it’s just a great opportunity for me to get involved with a great organization,” Griffith, whose last name is spelled with a U, said.When asked