If you’ve ever been tempted to play a fictional superhero, you’re in luck.

But it’s not easy, as the average salary for a fictional actor can be in the millions.

Here’s a look at the top-paid actors and actresses of all time, according to Next Big News.


Gary Lewis Actor Gary Lewis (1926-2016) Gary Lewis was a regular on the ABC sitcom The Bachelorette, and played a recurring role on the series Bachelor in Paradise.

Lewis was also the lead actor in the 1959 film The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Lewis earned $25,000 per episode in 1959 and $45,000 in 1959.

Lewis’ $100,000 salary was the highest earned for a non-actress at the time.


Lillian Gish Actress Lillian E. Gish (1922-2016), known for playing the character Mollie the Bully in The B-52s (1947), is best known for her roles in the Disney film Sleeping Beauty and The Lion King.

The actress earned $30,000 to play Mollio, an innocent and playful girl who lives in the woods of Maine.


Julia Roberts Actress Julia Roberts (1935-2018), best known as the wife of Tom Cruise in the Mission: Impossible series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

Roberts’ salary in 2018 was $160 million, which is nearly a third of her previous total.

Roberts earned $50 million to play Mary Poppins’ daughter, Mary Popper.


Julie Andrews Actress Julie Andrews (1925-2019), best know for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, earned $80 million for her film role in Rogue One.

She also received a $10 million advance for the film, which was her second highest grossing film.


Jennifer Garner Actor Jennifer Garner (2005-2019) Jennifer Garner was born in New York City and was an Oscar-winning actress who starred on The Sopranos and later appeared in several films including The Princess Diaries and The Princess Bride.

Garner was also a producer on several films, including the film The Princess, which grossed over $300 million worldwide.


Meryl Streep Actress Meryl J. Streep (1933-2013) Meryl’s career is long and illustrious, and she earned $100 million in her lifetime.

Streeps salary in 2017 was $70 million, and her $75 million was the most ever earned by a female actor.


Emma Stone Actress Emma Stone (1942-2018) Emma Stone was a leading lady in the films The Color Purple and The Gold Rush.

Stone earned $15 million to portray Miss Montgomery.


Natalie Portman Actress Natalie Portmans (1934-2017) Portmans earned $35 million to star in The Grand Budapest Hotel, which won three Oscars.

She was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of a young Jewish woman.


Jennifer Lopez Actor Jennifer Lopez (2012-2018, $50.3 million) Lopez was an American actor best known to the world for his roles in Mission:Impossible and The Lego Movie.

He was also one of Hollywood’s highest-earning actors.


Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams (1917-2017, $27 million) Adams’ career spans decades and includes roles in several blockbuster films including Independence Day: Resurgence and the TV series How I Met Your Mother.

Adams earned $27.5 million for playing Dr. Ruth in Independence Day.


Jennifer Lawrence Actress Jennifer Lawrence (2013-2018,) best known on the big screen as Amy, is an American actress best known in the entertainment world for her work in the film Big Love.

She has also been nominated for an Emmy Award for her starring role in the CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones.


Amy Schumer Actress Amy Schumer (2017-2019,) best know as the character Rachel in the HBO comedy series Girls, earned a $30 million advance in 2018 for her new film.


Julia Child Actress Julia Child (1937-2007), best remembered for playing Rachel in Big Love, earned an average of $7.5 per episode.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Actress Jennifer Love (2017) is one half of the comedy duo, Love Hewett, who made the most of her role on The Simpsons.

The couple earned $10.7 million for their film Love in 2018.


Julie Bowen Actress Julie Bowen (1895-1958), best-known for her supporting roles on The Muppet Show and in the TV movies The Little Mermaid and The Incredibles, earned the most money for her career.

Bowen made $1.7 billion for her films.


Marisa Tomei Actress Marisa Lauretta (1901-2018 to present