josh tehan, a.k.a. josh “the archer” taylor, has been arrested on charges of rape and murder, authorities announced.

According to TMZ, the 32-year-old actor was arrested Sunday night after allegedly assaulting and killing his estranged wife, Ashley, in their Tennessee home, where he was staying with her parents.

He is charged with first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, rape and other charges.TMZ reports the actor’s father, Josh, is an ex-convict and he told police his son confessed to killing his wife.

Taylor, 32, was originally arrested in April 2018, after he was allegedly caught on camera raping a woman in a bedroom at his parents’ home in New York City.TMV reports authorities believe the actor and his wife were dating at the time of the alleged crime.

The news comes just weeks after the release of the film “Troublemaker,” which features the voice of Jodi Arias.

The movie follows Arias as she investigates a murder case involving the rapper Jay Z. The movie was canceled in September after it became the subject of an FBI investigation.

Troublesome, which stars Josh Brolin and Jennifer Lopez, was set to be released in theaters May 19.