A new Bona fett has been named as the new lead of the Italian Serie A club Bologna. 

La Bona, a Spanish actor who plays the role of the legendary football coach, had been in talks with Serie A’s club Brescia for a number of years, but in April this year the player was handed his new role. 

According to the Milanese daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, Brescias director, Mario Balestre, is set to announce the signing of the Bona star. 

“It’s a fantastic honour,” the newspaper quoted Balestres as saying. 

It was a surprise that Bolognese fans would accept this, especially when the news came just hours before the club’s game against Torino. 

The player will be officially presented to fans on Saturday evening after being formally accepted as a Bona fan. 

Balestre has previously played Bona’s star man in the movie Bona Bona (Boca) and will now be playing the player in his first movie as Bresca boss. 

Bona Fetta is a Spanish football club. 

A representative for the player told La Gazetta dell’Avventura that Bona are looking forward to his arrival in the city. 

He will play the role as the coach’s assistant and assistant manager in the Boca team, but also has his own team. 

In a tweet, the Bolognese newspaper said the actor has been offered his role in a Boca movie, which will be released in 2018. 

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