We have the latest Breaking Bad casting news, including the first cast announcements from Walt and Jesse.

The casting announcements were first reported by The Wrap.

We also have casting for the next four episodes of Breaking Bad, including a possible spinoff.

A showrunner is still deciding on the spinoff, and we’ll have more on that as we get closer to filming.

In the meantime, here’s the latest on the latest casting announcements:As we previously reported, the showrunner of Breaking Barbershop will return as showrunner for the spin-off.

The character will be played by a guest star, though we have no information on who that is yet.

We also have a first look at a teaser trailer for the show, which features a shot of the former Bad housekeeper, who was a recurring character on the series.

We have a second look at the series premiere trailer, which includes a look at Walter White’s childhood, and also includes a teaser for the series’ third episode.