David Hunt has decided to leave the network, the network announced Tuesday.

Hunt’s departure comes less than a week after he left his job as Fox News’ chief political correspondent.

Hunt will be replaced by Bill Hemmer, who will be the network’s political correspondent for the foreseeable future.

Hunt joined Fox News in 2015 after more than two decades at NBC.

Hunt had previously reported for the network for more than 30 years.

Hunt, who has been a frequent guest on “Special Report,” has been the network ‘s top political correspondent since 2007.

Hunt has been critical of President Donald Trump in the past, often calling him a “liar” and “scumbag.”

More from The Hill:Trump defends immigration policies as border wall looms article President Donald J. Trump defended his executive orders that blocked federal agencies from enforcing immigration laws, saying the executive orders were necessary to protect the country from terrorism and “terrorism-related threats.”

Trump signed a slew of executive orders in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting in which two U.S. citizens were killed by a man who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The president said the order was intended to protect Americans from a threat from “radical Islamic terrorism.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday that Trump would sign another executive order, this one targeting illegal immigration.

Trump said he had directed his Department of Homeland Security to “take action against those who cross the border illegally and those who encourage those to cross the line.”

Trump has previously said that he wants to reduce the U.T.S., which is known for the mass deportation of Central Americans.

Trump also said the administration would use the order to target people who have entered the U, D.C. illegally and are in the country illegally.

Sanders said that DHS had not been able to implement Trump’s orders.

She added that the administration had “no idea” how many illegal immigrants have been deported.

After Trump took office in January, his administration announced it was moving to close two U-T-s in southern border communities.

The border wall was originally intended to cost $1.6 billion and was set to be completed in 2021.